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Ultra Recovery

RePro Mini

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Compact but powerful, the RePro mini is the next generation of percussive therapy that goes wherever you do.

  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24 Months Warranty


Recover on the Go.

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£119.00 £169.00
Buy Now Pay Later
Ultra Recovery
RePro Mini
Buy Now Pay Later
£119.00 £169.00
4 Power Levels
Ultra-Quiet Motor
Compact, Portable Design
Up to 4 Hours Battery Life

Ultra Portable, on-the-go treatment.

Weighing less than 500g and being no larger than a standard mobile phone, the Mini is your on-demand massage therapist that fits inside your pocket!

Experience near-silence whilst you massage away your aches and pains. Fitted with an ultra-quiet motor, get your recovery in anywhere at anytime, with little-to-no hassle or noise.

RePro Technology. Designed in UK.

Compact. Portable. Powerful.

Recover on the GO.

    Muscle knots and tension can strike at the most inconvenient times. Pack your Mini with you on any journey and, due to our ultra-portable features, have easy access to a quick massage… right when you need it.

Maria Santamaria

Your favourite recovery tool...

Make your recovery more enjoyable and you are more likely to do it. Consistent recovery improves range of motion and flexibility, getting your body ready for that next workout.

Recover with peace and quiet...

The RePro Mini is installed with an Ultra-Quiet Motor, meaning noise will never be an issue. Watch your favourite programme or listen to an album and don't miss out on that post workout recovery.

Percussive Therapy still as priority.

The Mini may be no taller than the standard mobile phone, however it still reassures excellence with high percussion. With between 28-40 percussions per second, you still reap all the benefits for your body.

What’s In The Box

    1 x RePro Mini

    1 x Travel Case

    1 x USB-C Charging Cable

    1 x User Manual

    4 x Attachment Heads: Ball Attachment / Round Attachment /  Bullet Attachment /  Fork Attachment

User Guide

With every RePro Mini, you will receive our comprehensive user guide, educating you how to use your device to its full potential. This includes guidance on which of our four attachments you should use for each muscle group.

We have included labels and extra info to help you understand which attachment to use on which body part. Ensuring you get the most out of your recovery.


Yes, we thoroughly believe in the excellent quality of our products and we build them especially for longevity. However, just so our customers don’t have to take our word for it, we also provide a 24 Month Warranty on our RePro Mini. Therefore, if you have any faults or issues with your device, you can simply return it to us and we will provide you with a brand new unit for free.


Battery Life: 2-3 Hours / Weight: 478g / Dimensions: Length - 14cm, Width - 9cm / 28 - 40 Percussions per Second


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