"The improvements it has made on my training and my body have been incredible." Cameron Hardy


Cameron Hardy is a young, hot prospect in the MMA world, competing for world titles at Bellator MMA.

He is also a huge fan of the UltraRecovery RePro Gun! He believes the massager device is what allows him to train so hard day in day out and therefore have the success he does in MMA.

Cameron said "Throughout my career in combat sports, I have always been held back in my training from the aches and pains of my body. When, every single day, we are partaking in heavy sparring and tough strength and conditioning work, it certainly takes it toll on your body.

Therefore, when I spoke to my coach about this, he suggested I purchase one of these massage guns.

The improvements it has made on my training and my body have been incredible. Although I of course still have some aches and pains after heavy training sessions, most of the pains are gone the next day by using this massage device on my whole body after each session. As well as that, my joints feel looser and my body feels a lot more fluid - which is particularly great for MMA as the looser you feel the better.

I, personally, also use this at the start of each session to get the blood flowing around my body and again loosen myself up so that i can get into the hard exercises immediately and it not take such a toll on my body. Then, if I'm ever feeling drained or sluggish during a session, I will have a quick run over my body with the massage gun.

The gun itself is very powerful and the different heads are great as they help target each body part more specifically. This particularly helps me as MMA is a sport which uses every single body part, so this gun is perfect and I couldn't recommend it more for any gym-goer or sports person."