DBA Africa

"We pride ourselves in giving the best opportunities to our athletes, and with the RePro we know we are doing this. This is top level percussion technology which gives our athletes a great method of recovery!"

AIS Athletics UAE

"Having a lot of young athletes here at AIS, it is important we give them the best recovery tools possible for their growing and developing muscles. We believe the RePro gives them this and are grateful to Ultra Recovery for this partnership!"


"With MMA being such a high impact sport, it's extremely important for us to recover. We use our RePro guns after every session here at the gym, the lads love it!"


"Recovery is something that should be taken seriously. I advise all touchtennis players to recovery after sessions and Ultra Recovery have a great device to help with this."


"Training makes you tired and weaker, while rest and recovery make you stronger. Don't ignore your recovery routine!"