Ali Cunningham - (Personal Trainer)

"At first, I was cautious to buy one of these, however with the excellent reviews on this product I decided to bite the bullet... and I can whole-heartedly say it was the best decision I have ever made as a personal trainer.

As a personal trainer, it is my job to provide the best service I can to my clients through workouts and recovery - to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. The UltraRecovery RePro Gun was a HUGE help in allowing my clients to recover quickly, allowing them to workout even harder all over again.

I use the RePro Gun on every single one of my clients - ranging from professional body builders who are competing to middle aged women simply wanting to get fitter. Every single one of my clients enjoys it and says they can feel a real benefit from using the gun - some even saying it helps them get a good nights sleep on that night. I personally think the benefits of this gun are endless and couldn't recommend it further. I also use this gun on myself every single day.

For each client, I use this gun on them for around 5 minutes at the start of each session - to simply warm up each of their muscle groups and get blood flowing around their muscles which they will soon be using. This will get them into their workout quicker and allowing their muscles to work harder early on. I spent slightly longer targeting the muscle groups we will be working out more heavily that day. For example, if a client is doing a 'pull day', I will spend slightly longer targeting their back muscles with the gun.

After their workout, I will use the gun on them for slightly longer (10-15 minutes). This is to ensure they will not experience aches and soreness after their workout, once again focusing heavily on the muscle groups they have used. I personally believe this is more effective that a professional massage (and its certainly much cheaper and easier). Every single one of my clients has also said that they have felt the benefits on this being used after a workout and huge reduction in aches and pains the next day.

Therefore, I believe that this gun is priceless due to the benefits it can have on your health and fitness. That being whether you're a sports person, athlete or a gym goer... I even read in the reviews that people with office jobs feel a huge benefit of using this gun on their back after work!

For whatever reason you may need it, investing in your health and well-being is never a bad investment... and, in my opinion, there isn't a better investment for your health around today which is better than this massage gun.

I was so pleased I had to get in touch with the company and thank them... which has led to me making this testimonial. So I will say, if you are hesitant, don't be. You won't regret buying this, trust me!"