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Jonny Grimwade - Physiotherapist

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Ultra Recovery devices use percussion therapy, to improve blood flow and range-of-motion in the muscle, by breaking up scar tissue and allowing the muscle fibres to align correctly. We ensure better mobility, for longer.

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Workout Harder, Recover Faster.

RePro devices use high power repetitive strokes, with the optimum amount of pressure, to provide the ultimate deep tissue massage and eliminate soreness, aches and pains.


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"This item was a gift for my Husband and it did not disappoint. The item is very sleek and eye pleasing. It comes in a lovely storage box to keep all items together. The Gun is extremely powerful and comes with many different attachment heads to target every area of the body."


7th Feb, 2020


"This works wonders for stiff muscles from running or from a hard workout. I’ve had mine for more than a year. Best massager I’ve ever used."


19th Jan, 2022


"Love this — can feel a difference after a couple uses. My calves were so tight - and sensitive to this at first because it hurt so bad - after a couple of days I could feel my calves have relaxed a bit and not so tender. Now I can use it with ease and they feel the loosest they have felt in years!"


6th Aug, 2021


"This product is excellent. It has so many capabilities and options. These different mechanisms for massaging different damaged/recovering tissue and muscles work wonders for my body. I love using this thing after sports and before yoga."


2nd Dec, 2020


"Once I got my hands on a RePro gun and started using it consistently, I saw a huge change in my ability to recover."


28th April, 2021


"I use mine pre and post sessions and can really feel the difference!"

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn, Olympic gold medalist.

"A great tool for bouncing back between hard sessions."

Sergio Gaytan, Triathlete Coach

"Range of motion and flexibility are essential in this sport, the RePro helps with this."

Irem Yaman, Taekwondo World Champion

"The RePro helps me keep a consistent recovery routine during my training periods."

Jack Laugher, Olympic Gold Medalist.

"We should always make time to take care of ourselves."

Olga Saladukha, Olympic Triple Jump Athlete

Common Questions

The RePro uses strong pulses of pressure ranging from 2000-3600 strokes per minute, combined with 15mm of amplitude to where we experience stiffness, soreness or pain. By immediately increasing blood flow and allowing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle. In-turn quickly reducing fatigue and muscle soreness... improving recovery for our body.

Depending on the desired result, we recommend using your RePro Gun for a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes per muscle group. A full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes. However, you can treat yourself 2-3 times per day.
30 Seconds = Muscle Activation:

Prior to workouts or physical activity, use your RePro Gun for up to 30 seconds to instantly activate and wake up your muscles.

15 Seconds = Muscle Re-Activation:

You may want to reactivate muscles during your workout or activity by using your Gun for 10-15 seconds on the muscle group. This will re-energise, relieve muscle spasms and fatigue, and keep muscles active.

3 Minutes = Pain Relief & Recovery:

Float your RePro Gun for up to 3 minutes for muscle recovery post-workout to decrease soreness, and on any muscles that require immediate pain relief.

Ball Attachment- Manufactured for larger muscle groups. This is our most 'all-round' attachment and is effective on any body part!

Round Attachment - Made for firmer muscle groups. This attachment is great for movement along large muscle groups, for example: your thigh or calf.

Pointed Attachment - Suitable for deep tissue massage in acupuncture points and between muscle groups.

Bullet Attachment - Designed for trigger point therapy. This attachment will get deep into your muscles to really provide that deep tissue massage!

Flat Attachment - Designed for large muscle groups to release tension and clear the lactic acid built up in your muscles.

Fork Attachment - Engineered to target each side of the spine. This is incredibly effective for people with back aches or bad posture!

At some speeds, yes. However, at the RePro's top speed levels it gets up to 60 percussions per second, with the Mini only reaching 40.