Working from home with the RePro.

Working from home with the RePro.

MAY 7, 2021


With working from home being so common now, a tool like the RePro is something your body will thank you for.


Being sat at your desk all day isn't good for anybody! Going on a little walk is great (and we recommend everybody tries to do this!) However, you can't take your computer on a walk with you! Therefore, using your RePro whilst sat at your desk can be the best way to get blood flowing to your muscles, whilst still being able to do work. It is important to keep your muscles active and there's no better way to do this than percussive therapy!


Furthermore, sitting and looking at a screen all day can be very detrimental on your posture. Using the RePro on your back for only a few minutes each night will reduce the tension and get out any muscle knots. Allowing your back to feel looser and your posture to improve!


We finally recommend using your RePro each night for around 5 minutes. With having no muscle knots or aches in your body, your ability to relax after a long day will be a lot easier. Going to bed should be stress free.