How the RePro helps you go the distance.

How the RePro helps you go the distance.

FEBRUARY 23, 2021


Whether you’re a professional or just going on some light jogs for fitness, the RePro gives your body the muscle activation and recovery it needs to get more out of every mile.



Running is a sport which can be very hard on your body and heavy on your legs. The RePro’s repetitive strokes will loosen up your muscles and increase your mobility, allowing you to be lighter on your feet and have a fuller, looser stride. 



“I have been using the UltraRecovery RePro Gun for a few weeks now and it really has been a massive game changer in helping relieve some of that built up tension. Combining it with regular physio sessions, I can really feel it making a massive difference. Running is beginning to feel pain free again!” - Lisa



Pre-run: We recommend using your RePro for around 5 minutes before a run. Using the ‘Ball’ and ‘Flat’ attachments, sweep back and forth across your feet, shins, calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. This will get blood flowing across all the muscles in your legs and improve your mobility. Prepare your body for your best run yet!



Post-run: After your run, we advise around 10 minutes with the RePro - targeting the same muscles you did on your warm up. This will clear the lactic acid built up from your run and allow the muscles to recover quicker and easier. If you are a sufferer from shin splints, we recommend sweeping your shins with the ball attachments for an extra 2 minutes after your run! 



The tool everybody needs in their running armoury.