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I am what you would call a gym/workout junkie and found that this product is fantastic for pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery routines, it helps rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscles!


9th January 2021

This product was recommended by a personal trainer to help with my knee which I had strained during a lifting activity. It worked to deeply loosen the muscles around my knee and lessen if not ridding myself of the pain.


15th April 2021

I love this device! So much I’ve bought a second one for a family member. After workouts or sitting most of the day for work right now, I use it for tight, tense muscles. Feels great during use and so much better after.


25th August 2020

Highly recommend trying it. I teach children PE so, at the start I used the RePro few times a day, now just when I’m sore at the end of the day. The next morning I feel much better. Definitely worth every penny in my opinion.


3rd October 2021

It is really effective at loosening muscle tension and therefore allowing improved joint mobility. I use before training and performance is definitely improved, feel like have new legs, can increase size of movement and more time in activity before I get tired.


17th November 2020

Love this — can feel a difference after a couple uses. My calves were so tight - and sensitive to this at first because it hurt so bad - after a couple of days I could feel my calves have relaxed a bit and not so tender. Now I can use it with ease and they feel the loosest they have felt in years!


24th July 2021

Only had for a few days but it has already relieved pain in my lower back and my wife’s shoulder pain that we’ve both lived with for years. Highly recommended for anyone with any sort of muscle pain or to anyone who works out regularly, to stop the pain before it ever arrives!


13th April 2020

A wireless powered massager which keeps its charge well and has multiple attachments for various parts of the body from light massage to deep tissue relief. Great price and it comes in an organised and sturdy carry case. Would definetely recommend to anyone after one of these.


28th October 2020

This item was a gift for my Husband and it did not disappoint. The item is very sleek and eye pleasing. It comes in a lovely storage box to keep all items together. The Gun is extremely powerful and comes with many different attachment heads to target every area of the body.


3rd January 2021

My son has aches and pains on his back and sides and this massager really does give relief from the pain. It’s so easy to manage and hold. This really does work and would recommend this to anybody that needs it. Well done Ultra Recovery. Great item, couldn't be happier.


20th March 2021

Recover on the GO.

Powerful but compact, the RePro Mini is made with unparalleled portability to go wherever you do.

Weighing less than 500 grams, Mini is no heavier than the standard mobile phone. Make your life easy with on-the-go wellness recovery.


Real people. Real results. RePro.

Whether you're a professional athlete or go to your local gym three times a week, RePro is for you. Do what you love more, with proven increased mobility and range of body motion.

"Using my RePro Gun regularly has really made me realise that focusing on my recovery can help my gymnastics a lot! I love using it before my sessions as well as it warms my body up and gets me ready."



"Having been long distance running for many years, it has taken it's toll... particularly on my cavles and feet. The RePro massage gun has really helped to alleviate the pain I was previously feeling post runs."


Triathlete & Amateur Runner

"What can reduce inflammation, break up scar tissue & relax the muscles? The ultra recovery massage gun. I use mine pre and post sessions and can really feel the difference!"

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn

Olympic Gold Medalist

"This device has been a great help in getting me ready for my Africa half marathon. Using it definitely helps speed up my recovery in between training runs & I can feel the relief on my muscles!"

Mohamed Ali

Track Athlete

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